Guide to Buying Food at Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse traditionally sells returned goods for a discounted price. Amazon’s return policy does not allow for grocery items to be returned. This makes it sound like Amazon Warehouse is not an option to purchase grocery items, but that is not the case.

Amazon Return Policy

Amazon Warehouse sells short-dated and discontinued items. The standard short-dated item has at least 30 days left before it expires. One problem is that it is hard to tell well an Amazon Warehouse perishable item expires, but there is a workaround.

If you access the product through Amazon Warehouse, the expiration date is not displayed. If you access it through the main Amazon page for the item, you can determine the expiration date.

expiration date

Click the (2 new offers) link under “More Buying Choices”.

amazon warehouse

This will bring you to the buying option screen and you will see the Amazon Warehouse option. In the description, you will see the expiration date.

Typically the discount for a food item in Amazon Warehouse is 50% off of the current Amazon price before any active coupons or discounts.

Amazon Warehouse can be a great place to find natural and organic deals and you don’t have to worry about the products being returns.

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