San Pellegrino Momenti Lemon & Raspberry Review

San Pellegrino Momenti Lemon & Raspberry is just one of the many flavors in San Pellegrino’s Momenti line. The Momenti line was created to blend the difference between their full-sugar Traditional line and their Essenza, unsweetened sparkling mineral water. San Pellegrino Momenti is concocted in Italy and imported into the United States. In 1997 San Pellegrino stopped being an independent company when they were purchased by the Swill giant, Nestlé.

San Pellegrino Momenti Lemon & Raspberry Review

The Momenti line does not use San Pellegrino’s famed mineral water but instead uses spring water infused with carbon dioxide to create wonderful sparkling water. They add a small amount of sugar and fruit juice to derive the flavor, staying away from artificial sweeteners and flavors.

appearance of San Pellegrino Momenti Lemon and Raspberry


San Pellegrino Momenti Lemon & Raspberry pours with fine bright white bubbles that quickly dissipate. The color is halfway between orange and pink. San Pellegrino adds turmeric and vegetable concentrate to derive the color. Unlike the think cloudy appearance of San Pellegrino’s Traditional like, it is see-through with just a small amount of suspended particles. The appearance is a lot close to what I think of as a traditional flavored water appearance compared to the Traditional line.


San Pellegrino Momenti Lemon & Raspberry gets its flavor from 3% raspberry juice, 3% lemon juice, and 7 grams of sugar. The flavor is not as bold as the Traditional line, but there is only ~1/3 of the fruit juice and ~1/4 the sugar as the Traditional line. The first thing that I noticed was the bright bubbles smacking into my tongue along with a semi-sweet acidic flavor. The flavor then builds into a tart raspberry flavor and ends with a lingering raspberry flavor. The tart lemon juice does a great job of complementing the sweet raspberry juice, adding more tartness than lemon flavor. The raspberry flavor is surprisingly strong and distinct.

The level of sugar is just about perfect. I find that many unsweetened sparkling waters flavored with fruit juice can have a bitter flavor. The sugar does not make this a sweet drink but takes away unpleasant bitterness and tartness. Leaving a crisp refreshing sparkling water.

San Pellegrino Momenti Lemon and Raspberry review


There are 7 grams of sugar that lead to 35 calories in an 11.15 ounce San Pellegrino Momenti Lemon & Raspberry. Most of San Pellegrino’s traditional line flavors contain 26-32 grams of sugar and a can of Coca Cola contains 39 grams of sugar. I think that this a very good compromise between unsweetened sparkling water and San Pellegrino’s Traditional line.

Wrapping Up San Pellegrino Momenti Lemon & Raspberry


San Pellegrino Momenti Lemon & Raspberry is a great lightly sweetened sparkling water. Packing only 35 calories, it is a sweetened sparkling water that you can have several per day and not feel guilty. The flavor is not as bold as the full sugar Traditional line, but it packs a punch for only having 6% fruit juice. Make sure to check out our master San Pellegrino review post.

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